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  • Patrick Watson looks forward in a black and white photo
    December 12 2023
    Montreal-based singer, songwriter, film composer, and pianist Patrick Watson  and his band  create lush, melodic  indie music  that blends orchestral chamber pop,  synthesizer washes, and a melancholy tone.  His dreamy, contemplative music has been featured  widely in films and on TV, including  ... MORE »
  • Dancers are captured in motion in front of a black backdrop
    January 13 2024 - January 14 2024
    Seamlessly blending illusion, acrobatics, magic, and whimsy, MOMIX sends audiences flying down the rabbit hole in Moses Pendleton’s newest creation, Alice, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland. Join the dazzling company on a mind-bending adventure as Alice encounters time-honored... MORE »
  • Basel Zayed wears a blue shirt and hat as he plays the oud in front of a gray backdrop
    Basel Zayed is a virtuoso oud player and an acclaimed vocalist skilled in classical and contemporary Arabic music. He draws on deep experience with the Arabic maqam musical tradition to explore the beauty and universality of Middle Eastern music. He’ll be accompanied by a full band. 
  • Drummer captured performing live with his arms in motion as he looks upward with pink colored hair
    With explosive taiko drumming and innovative, acrobatic choreography, DRUM TAO offers a breathtaking, vibrantly modern twist on a traditional art form—and a visual and sonic tour de force. 
  • Brad Mehldau wears a red shirt and plays piano against a black backdrop
    February 03 2024
    Grammy-winning jazz pianist Brad Mehldau has been called “the most influential jazz pianist of the last 20 years” by the New York Times. For this special solo performance, Mehldau will perform his newly commissioned work, Fourteen Reveries, which reflects on the interior experience that we create... MORE »
  • iLE poses against a white backdrop wearing a colorful top and black pants
    Puerto Rican singer and composer iLe began her career in the group Calle 13 alongside brothers Visitante and Residente. The Latin Grammy–winner's sound is continually evolving but is rooted in classic Latin styles from across the Americas. From boleros and folk-inspired retro-pop songs to Afro-... MORE »
  • 6 members look at the camera and stand in front of a red brick wall. They wear blue and black robes.
    February 17 2024
    With the power of gospel and the precision of Broadway, Ladysmith Black Mambazo is the undisputed king of mbube, South African a cappella singing. The multi-Grammy-winning group came together in the early 1960s and continues to thrill audiences around the world with its strong, proud melodies... MORE »
  • Talisk poses together against a pink backdrop
    One of the most talked-about folk bands of the 21st century, Talisk tear apart stereotypes and redefine the genre. With over 15 million streams, sold out shows across five continents, and headline appearances at festivals the world over, the Scottish trio have amassed a global following. Wielding... MORE »
  • Tomatito wears a black blazer and plays guitar in front of a brick wall
    Six-time Grammy winner José Fernández Torres, known as Tomatito, is a guitarist of major significance within the realm of flamenco. His unique approach and elegant style highlight his unprecedented musical sensitivity and interpretive power. He will be accompanied by a full ensemble, including his... MORE »
  • Dancer wears gold clothing and is captured in motion with her leg in the air in front of a black backdrop
    March 08 2024 - March 09 2024
    Celebrated San Francisco–based company Alonzo King LINES Balletis recognized for its impeccable technique, captivating dancers, and rich visual works. The company performs the Boston premiere of Deep River, a soulful new work created in collaboration with Grammy-winning vocalist Lisa Fischer and... MORE »
  • Dancer performs live in a red dress with a guitarist playing live behind her
    Direct from Madrid, dancer Alfonso Losa is an internationally renowned dancer, choreographer, and director, known for his strength and virtuosity. He is widely recognized as the most genuine current representative of the Madrid school of flamenco dance and the necessary bridge between the masters... MORE »
  • Dancer performs live on stage in dark blue clothing with a guitarist playing music behind him
    Gala Flamenca captures all the beauty, power, and passion of flamenco, and stars two mavericks of the flamenco world, Manuel Liñán and Alfonso Losa, accompanied by rising flamenco star El Yiyo. The three dancers will be joined by a full music ensemble including guest singer Sandra Carrasco.  ... MORE »
  • One of the most exciting new voices in contemporary flamenco, María José Llergo dazzles audiences with an electric sound that is simultaneously authentic, modern, and original. Singing about love, sadness, and social struggles, her stunning voice twists and turns through atmospheric and captivating... MORE »
  • Dancers are captured in a "V" formation in front of a black backdrop
    Directed and choreographed by Boston-and-Chicago-based artist Jessi Stegall, The Theremin Vignettes is an ode to the late theremin virtuoso Clara Rockmore. Set to Rockmore’s arrangements of classical scores for theremin, the dance-theater piece explores themes of grief, remembrance, and devotion... MORE »
  • Tigran Hamasyan wears black clothing and looks off to the side against a gray and white backdrop
    With Tigran Hamasyan, potent jazz improvisation fuses with the rich folkloric music of his native Armenia. A piano virtuoso with groove power, he’s one of the most remarkable and distinctive jazz-meets-rock pianists of his generation. “With startling combinations of jazz, minimalist, electronic,... MORE »
  • Members of the band play on stage. Sunny Jain is playing the dhol drum
    March 15 2024
    From Brooklyn, Red Baraat merges hard-driving North Indian bhangra with elements of hip-hop, funk, jazz, and raw punk energy. Delivering an explosion of sound, the band is particularly known and loved for its unforgettable live performances. NPR has dubbed the group “the best party band in years... MORE »
  • Three dancers are on stage. They have dark skin and wear orange, lacy robes, and straw hats.
    As Jean Appolon says, “Jean Appolon Expressions’ (JAE) choreography showcases the relationship between being deeply connected to our roots and the power to heal ourselves, heal our community, and fight for the purpose of keeping our community safe.” The company performs An n Ale which features... MORE »
  • Leahy wears all black and poses against a white backdrop
    March 17 2024
    Leahy is one of the most highly regarded progressive folk-roots bands, comprised of an award-winning Canadian family of musicians. Its exceptional performances are full of energy, big rich sound, poignant songs, fiery instrumentals, and percussive step-dancing.    
  • The band poses together against a red backdrop
    Born in the streets of Los Angeles,  Las  Cafeteras  is known for its vibrant live performances that  remix  Latin  roots music  in  what the  Los Angeles Times calls a “uniquely  Angeleno  mishmash of punk, hip-hop, beat music,  cumbia,  and rock. . . . Live, they’re magnetic.”   
  • A circular image of a person with short black curly hair wearing a pattered set of a yellow shirt and matching pants. They are smiling while looking at the ground and holding their hands in the air.
    March 23 2024
    Suitcase Stories® features foreign- and US-born residents sharing powerful and inspiring stories of refugee and immigrant life. Featured nationally on WORLD Channel and PBS, the Suitcase Stories® series provides a way to dig beneath the headlines, exposing audiences to the complexity of migration... MORE »
  • Altan holding their instruments and looking at camera in front of stone wall.
    March 24 2024 - March 24 2024
    Regarded by many as the world's finest traditional Irish band, Altan is renowned for its heartwarming, dynamic live performances that range from touching ballads to hard-hitting reels and jigs. Throughout its career Altan has shown an unwavering commitment to the beauty of traditional music,... MORE »
  • Zakir Hussain wears blue clothing and plays Table live on stage against a black backdrop
    World-famous tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain, renowned bansuri player Debopriya Chatterjee, and master sarangi player Sabir Khan perform a brilliant evening of traditional Indian classical music.
  • The group wears black clothing and poses against a brown backdrop
    March 25 2024
    Swiss pianist-composer Nik Bärtsch has been fusing electronica and minimalism with soul, jazz, funk, and new classical music with his Ronin ensemble since 2001. “Our music is somewhere between jazz and modern composition, progressive pop, ritual music, groove music in general,” says Bärtsch. The... MORE »
  • The two artists sit and face each other as they perform live with their instruments
    Malian kora virtuoso Ballaké Sissoko joins South African guitarist Derek Gripper to explore the musical tradition of the griots of Mali, one of humanity’s most astonishing aural traditions. 
  • Fatoumata sits in front of a colored wall wearing a bright yellow long sleeve top, and an orange patterned skirt. Her hands are on her knees.
    Boldly modern yet respectful of her Malian roots, Fatoumata Diawara creates music that draws from her heritage but with a vision that looks confidently to the future. Her live performances “scream with energy” (NPR), with songs covering such timeless subjects as respect, love, migration, family,... MORE »
  • Sona is on stage singing into a microphone and plays an acoustic guitar. She has dark skin and hair that is breaded and wears a colorful shirt and gold earrings.
    March 30 2024
    A modern-day griot, Sona Jobarteh contemporizes the presentation of the kora, a West African stringed instrument, by breaking gender barriers and playing while standing. Performing with an electric Afropop band, she sings about cultural identity, gender, love, and respect.  
  • Angélique Kidjo wears a pink and white tie dye dress with a long necklace and looks off to the side with her arms facing upwards against a blue backdrop
    April 06 2024
    With pulsating rhythms, a captivating voice, and dazzling stage presence, Beninese star Angélique Kidjo blends her many musical influences into a riveting Afro-pop tour de force.    Get the best tickets to see one of your favorite artists—the incomparable Angélique Kidjo—and support one of your... MORE »
  • Caetano Veloso wears a white shirt and pants and is captured performing live on stage
    April 13 2024
    “One of the greatest songwriters of the century” (New York Times), Caetano Veloso has been a major musical, social, and cultural force in Brazil and all over the world since the 1960s. Winner of 13 Latin Grammys and two Grammy awards in the Best World Music Album category, Veloso is touring in... MORE »
  • The group poses together against a green and brown backdrop with their instruments
    April 14 2024
    For 50 years, two-time Grammy winner BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet has been hailed as the best Cajun band in the world. Driven by leader Michael Doucet’s spellbinding fiddle playing and soulful vocals, it is “bon temps, every time they play” (New York Times).  Subscription discounts are not... MORE »
  • The band poses together around a piano in a room with brown walls
    The Hot Sardines effortlessly channel New York speakeasies, Parisian cabarets, and New Orleans jazz halls to transform songs from past eras into music for the 21st century.  
  • The dancers are captured together in motion wearing multicolored clothing against a gray backdrop
    May 10 2024 - May 11 2024
    Founded in 2018 by Jessie Jeanne Stinnett, Boston Dance Theater (BDT) is a Boston-based contemporary dance company codirected by Stinnett and award-winning Israeli choreographer Itzik Galili. BDT showcases the talents of Boston-based dancersperforming three US premieres, If As If by Itzik Galili ... MORE »