SUITCASE STORIES® at Somerville Theatre

Saturday, March 23 2024 8:00PM EDT
55 Davis Square, Somerville
Reserved seating
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Suitcase Stories® features foreign- and US-born residents sharing powerful and inspiring stories of refugee and immigrant life. The series provides a way to dig beneath the headlines, exposing audiences to the complexity of migration. 


  • Somerville Mayor Katjana Ballantyne unpacks her journey of belonging
  • Shweta Bhatt navigates what it means to be Indian-American
  • Gak Kon seeks connection as a Sudanese refugee after resettlement
  • Ishtar Pady shares how her migration from Haiti brings loss and hope
  • Antonio Sacre explores memories as the son of a Cuban father and Irish-American mother
  • Andrew Shellfo faces unexpected anti-immigrant bias in Western MA
  • Aida Zilelian searches for identity as an Armenian-American

Presented in collaboration withStellar Story Company and the International Institute of New England(IINE), where the program originated in 2017. Suitcase Stories® is a registered trademark of IINE. 

Stellar Story Company helps people and institutions deliver extraordinary stories and unforgettable events that lead to meaningful change.With sites in Greater Boston and Lowell, MA, and Manchester, NH, IINE creates opportunities for refugees and immigrants to succeed through resettlement, education, career advancement, and pathways to citizenship. To make a donation or learn about volunteer opportunities and programs, visit 

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Suitcase Stories returns to Somerville Theatre 1/31/20